Nylon Vest Bags Promotion

Nylon Vest bags is foldable, stronger, easy to use and beautiful. We sale customized this nylon vest bag only for 68P/pc including delivery to most country in Europe and American.

The size of this bag is 39cm*39cm+18cm handle. after folded in small bag the size only about 7X11cm shown followed photo.


Although this bag is very light, It can load a lot of things.  We put inside  tens of books and full load it. It will not broken. no problem in weight test of 6.00kgs. It is already full load now.

IMG_20160509_180403 IMG_20160509_180448

After used, We can still folded and packed in this little pouch and closed with a buckle.


This bag is very good for out shopping, campus, traveling.

It will be more better if we printing logo and slogon on it and make a mobile branding platform!

We need one more day to dry up the printing ink so that it will not get mess by not full dry ink.


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